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Who is motherbumper?

By on May 22, 2011

She doesn’t even really know but here it goes.

Her name is Katie and she isn’t a pink bear.

Katie has a camera and she loves to take pictures.

She loves her iPhone but is also known to whip out her Canon Rebel XTi when she has room for it in her bag. Her favorite lens is her 50 mm because she loves to chase bugs around and make them look beautiful.

Katie can’t live without the following apps/accessories for her iPhone: Olloclip, Snapseed, Picfx, Camera Awesome, and Instagram. For the record, no one paid or even gave her anything to  make that list. She just really loves those things.

Same goes for the following photography-related inspirations she has greedily gobbled up:

She used to post actual words on this blog, stories about her life that mostly concerned parenthood. But she no longer shares all those stories because her girl is growing up and rightfully demands privacy. And having the time to write actual words only happens when all the planets in her life are perfectly aligned.

You know, the planets known as time, inspiration, the ability to focus, and did she mention time?

Katie is also on Twitter and Pinterest which are great spots for Internet addicts to get their jollies when short on time.


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