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Because Of Phones Like This, I Am A Crackberryhead

By on October 10, 2011
Longstanding New Phone Tradition: I use the new phone to take a picture my Domokun phone cradle. Stop judging me.

Full disclosure: Research in Motion did send me this new Bold 9900 with the new Blackberry OS 7 to put through the paces but the opinion expressed in this post is 100% my own. Booyah.

Back in August I was a guest of Research in Motion to attend the launch of the new Blackberry OS 7 phones and it would be classified an understatement to say I was smitten with the new Blackberry Bold 9900. Just earlier this year I had upgraded my own dying Curve to the Blackberry Bold 9780 which in itself was a stellar leap in technology but the new Bold 9900… well it was dreamy enough to make me and my Bold 9780 turn green with envy. And when I tweeted how I felt about the new Bold 9900, it caught the attention of around 50,000 other people who clicked over to see what I was raving on about.

The Tweetpic That Was Heard Around The World

So is this phone really worthy of attracting so much attention? One week into my trial run and it seems to be that way.

What do I love so far?

  • Touchscreen. OH MY GOD MY BOLD HAS A TOUCH SCREEN. I’m so new to this concept of touch screen AND keyboard that I constantly forget it’s also touch-enabled. Yet every day I find myself using it more and more and more and more… and I’m in love with it. Mind you I will never want to give up a keyboard for typing emails and texts but I love that I’m able to switch back and forth for tasks where touching the screen is just that much easier. Even my busy thumbs need a break every once and a while.
  • Keyboard. Best one yet out of the three models I have used from Blackberry. No letter repeating (as in type ‘r’ and getting ‘rrrr’) which was a really frustrating issue with my Bold 9780. This keyboard has the right amount of response and sensitivity.
  • Weight. I’m blown away by the difference between the 9900 and 9780.
  • Frame. Wider screen, thinner body, thoughtfully placed convenience buttons, and easy to find volume control. The thinner body is still blowing my mind. It’s barely 11mm thick.
  • Speed. This little baby is super fast. Browser loads at least 50% faster than my previous model and everything just seems that much faster. No more dread felt when I get the little black clock of doom. These days that just means a 5 second delay at the worst of times. Hallelujah.
  • Camera. Between the 5 megapixels and the plethora of  editing apps that finally seem worth purchasing, my iPhone friends can suck it.

What makes me not so happy?

  • Battery. I’m keeping a close eye on battery drain. So far it’s never died on me during the day and it is being used more heavily than my older phone so I’m reserving judgement on how the battery seems lower than usual after 12 hours use but like I think it does seem to drain faster than my older models.
  • Apps. A few of my favorite apps are not up-to-speed yet which is not an issue for RIM but it’s frustrating all the same. Get on that developers! Not being able to use some of my old favorites gives me frown lines. Please solve this before my forehead looks like the Grand Canyon.
  • Weird Hiccup. On day 3 my phone reset itself in the middle of the day for no apparent reason. I have seen this behavior before in other models and while it didn’t reset to factory defaults, some of the customizations I had spent time arranging had been lost and that made me curse like a sailor. I really hope it doesn’t happen again.
  • OPE. Other People’s Envy. I see them on the subway sideway glancing at my nifty new phone. Paws off people. Obviously you have great taste in technology but you need to go out and upgrade your Blackberry yourself.

Overall, after one week of use I am still totally head-over-heels in love with this new Bold model. Time will tell if this is really the best model ever (and I think it just may be) but I will be back to share my observations in a few weeks. For those wondering, so far the smitten has not worn off one bit.


  1. Sharon says:

    Okay….I’m totally jealous of the touchscreen and may be ogling you and asking nicely if I can please please please play with it for a bit.

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